Innovative Acting Classes

Ben Hodge’s acting classes are a delight for actors of any age level. Ben is a local actor and director whose fresh philosophies enhance a performer’s abilities and skillset. His workshop studio not only teaches acting, but also incorporates life lessons. While improving their acting skills, students also learn how to be more confident, a stronger speaker, and better person and friend in general. Ben emphasizes emotion and empathy, and practices both in the sessions. The students of the class love it. They are excited to be learning from him, and genuinely enjoy the class. They have running jokes, such as “free relationship advice”, and say Ben gives amazing life advice.  All of the students enthusiastically express that they would take his class again, and that it helps them in both their acting careers and life. Ben is a creative and fun guy, and anyone who takes this class will walk out with an enriched understanding of acting and a new outlook on life.

Instructor David Rose wins award!


David Rose is our World Music Specialist and teaches many instruments, but is known for his widely acclaimed Native American Flute playing.  He is offering two workshops on January 16, 2016, and will teach students how to play Native American Flute. A flute is included that the student can take home!  For more information on his workshops, please email us at  You can also visit to see a description of his workshop for adults or children.