Buy or Make Oboe Reeds?

This can be difficult decision, but the following information may help clarify whether your child is ready or really needs to make reeds!

♪   How long has your child played the oboe (I recommend waiting at least 3 years)?

♪   What is your child’s maturity level (can they be trusted with a sharp knife)?

♪  Does your child have the time set aside to learn and make reeds (if they are taking advanced   classes & participating in lots of extracurricular activities, do they realistically have several hours a week to devote to reed making)?  Oboe players must spend as much time making and adjusting reeds as they do practicing their oboes!

Yes, it is much less expensive to make your own reeds, but if there is no time in their schedules AND they are not focusing a future oboe career, is it realistic to make reeds?

My preferences?  My favorite student reeds are Jones, Lesher and Nielsen (Nielsen also makes great professional English Horn reeds).  My favorite cane, though I use other brands, is Danzi.  My favorite staples are Chudnow E with O Rings.

Here are my favorite places to purchase reeds, reed making materials and other oboe-related products:

Edmund Nielsen Woodwinds –

Hodge Products, Inc. –

JamesGang CaneWorks –

Woodwind Brasswind –

Mark Chudnow Woodwinds –

Come see me in Studio #8 (upstairs) at The Perfect 5th on Sunday, October 29th during the Open House!  I will be demonstrating oboe reed-making!

Mary McClain teaches Oboe and English Horn at The Perfect 5th –