Congrats Reese!

12321541_986547158077405_3745044812399487848_nCongratulations to Reese for her successful high school jazz band audition!

~Molly’s FlutePlace of Central PA


Central PA District Band Auditions

I wish to extend my congratulations to several students who made top spots in district band this weekend:

-Michele Arnold achieved 3rd place in Lower District Band
-Laura Downer also achieved 3rd in the Upper District Band
-Jacey Crayton achieved 1st chair, in Upper District Band.

In addition,
Jacey and Michele both passed another round of auditioned and successfully won 2nd and 3rd chairs in District Orchestra. This is a very difficult feat, as they were at the top of nearly 100 flutists out of many counties.

I am so proud of all of my students who tried out this year. The piece was a college level piece and everyone worked very hard in the auditions.