An Intern’s Perspective in the Drum Studio

Perfect 5th intern, Michele, wrote this after observing a lesson with Jeremy Hummel:

Recently I was able to observe a drum set private lesson with Perfect 5th instructor Jeremy Hummel,  and I was very impressed! The lesson included many tools that helped the student learn. The first tool that I noticed was the practice calendar in the room with an inspirational quote at the bottom and a famous drummer at the top….very cool!

Additionally, Jeremy videotaped the lesson for the student to watch which allows for better retention of musical corrections. I found the videotaping to be a useful, visual tool for the students to utilize. From my prior knowledge, (masterclasses or a lesson from reputable teacher) many lessons are often videotaped because of all the information and tips thrown at a student at once. The lesson was structured and effective, evident in the student’s reaction, initiative, and motivation during the lesson.

  • Jeremy and the student started with drum sets and headphones, and they begab playing a “groove” and basically ran through a piece of music.
  • When there was a part the student could not do Jeremy slowed it down and they broke it down. He taught by playing the song with the student and the student would follow him if confused. This method  enables the student to be proactive and learn the song completely.
  • Jeremy even showed a youtube video that we watched during the lesson to give more insight on the technique and styles they were using which was awesome!

-Michele P5 Intern


Jeremy Hummel is a professional drummer and educator. He is also a clinician, studio musician and columnist for Modern Drummer Magazine. Jeremy’s popularity as an educator stems from his engaging personality and practical concepts. His lessons are fun and sometimes unorthodox.

As a player, Jeremy puts his focus on two main projects. He is involved with a jazz trio called “EVE.” “EVE” does some fusion, electric dates as well. Jeremy also serves as the musical director of “Into The Spin,” an eight-piece horn band.

Jeremy’s most popular recorded works came with platinum-selling rock artists Breaking Benjamin. He was a co-founding member of the group and played on the band’s first two records, “Saturate” and “We Are Not Alone.” During his tenure the band scored two #1 hits in the Active Rock Format with “So Cold” and “Sooner or Later.” Additionally, Jeremy has recorded with a variety of artists and styles over the years.

His broad taste in music has made him the musical chameleon he is today. Over the years, Jeremy spent time in a variety of bands ranging everywhere from blues and jazz to reggae and funk. Jeremy also spent time in a 50s-60s era theme band.

For more info on Jeremy Hummel or to sign up for lessons, please visit :



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